2015 Amicus Briefs

State v. Solis Diaz – Division II

Court: Washington Court of Appeals – Division II Case No.: 46002-5-II Hearing Date: October 27, 2015 Amicus Description: This Amicus argues that the Supreme Court should accept the Motion to Transfer from the COA to addre...


State v. Fedorov – Washington Supreme Court

SYNOPSIS: Concerns the right to private consultation with counsel under CrR 3.1, the rule-based right to counsel.


State v. Phet – Division II

Court: Washington Court of Appeals: Division II Case No.: 47535-9-II Hearing Date: N/A Amicus Description: This Amicus Memorandum urges the COA II to accept John Phet’s MDR to determine the mandatory minimum for 5 counts ...


State v. Bharadwaj – Washington Supreme Court

Court: Washington Supreme Court Case No.: 91111-8 Hearing Date: April 30, 2015 Opinion: State v. Bharadwaj, 182 Wn.2d 1028, 347 P.3d 459, 2015 Wash. LEXIS 544, 182 Wn.2d 1028, 347 P.3d 459, 2015 Wash. LEXIS 544


Cross v. Washington – United States Supreme Court

Court: United States Supreme Court Case No.: 14-7683 Hearing Date: N/A  


State v. O’Dell – Washington Supreme Court

SYNOPSIS: In a trial for second degree child rape, did the trial court properly decline to instruct the jury on the defendant’s affirmative defense that he reasonably believed the victim was older? Did the trial court properly d...