Case Support

Resentencing and Post Conviction Case Support

WDA’s Redemption Project of Washington team is available to help with your post conviction cases.

Cindy Arends Elsberry        Percy Levy          Sarah Hudson   


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Post Conviction/Resentencing Resources

If you are representing a non-citizen, please consult with an attorney experienced in the intersection of criminal and immigration law or consult with WDA’s Immigration Project here.

We can help with your public defense post-conviction and resentencing cases in a variety of ways:

  • Helping spot issues that may benefit your clients in resentencing hearings for youthfulness under Domingo-Cornelio and Ali, Monschke, and other case law developments;
  • Providing technical assistance around resentencing options under Washington State law such as 6164 (prosecutor lead resentencing), 5164 (Three Strikes reform), and State v. Blake;
  • Providing technical assistance with vacating convictions for constitutional deficiencies, especially failure to provide Padilla advice regarding immigration consequences of a conviction;
  • Shaping arguments that may arise during resentencing hearings;
  • Building solid release/reentry plans;
  • Identifying  experts for mitigation, release planning, and juvenile development;
  • Providing sample motions, forms and practice advisories; and
  • Researching and analyzing legal and ethical issues;

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