Case Support

Termination of Parental Rights & the Child-Parent Relationship 


  • Open Adoption is not a Suitable Alternative to Guardianship (Hewko 2015) – Policy Report

This Incarcerated Parents Project policy report argues for parent attorneys to proactively pursue Chapter RCW 13.36 guardianship as a more equitable and accessible long-term permanency option for child of incarcerated parents in response to or in lieu of legal (and permanent) termination of the child-parent relationship. 

  • A Good Cause Exception is Necessary for Incarcerated Parents (Hewko 2015) – Practice Memorandum

This Incarcerated Parents Project practice memorandum addresses the benefits for incarcerated parents in the child welfare system to litigate or receive a good cause finding on whether the child welfare agency should be ordered to file a petition to terminate the child-parent relationship. It also addresses why  the finding supports the child welfare agency in meeting the federal law regarding permanency planning.