Practice Tools

Keeping in Touch with Your Clients


Visiting & Calling Your incarcerated Clients


Setting Up Court Hearings (WA DOC only)


Legal Access for Incarcerated Individuals


When a Parent with Primary Custody Becomes Incarcerated


Using Power of Attorney for Parental Caregiving

A Guide to Making Care Arrangements for Minor Children-docx

Power of Attorney (POA) for Parents (Northwest Justice Project link)


NEW  Minor Guardianship Law Resources


Non-Parental Custody is Changing to Minor Guardianship  (external link)

If You are a Parent in Minor Guardianship, You can Ask for a Lawyer  (external link)


Court Process Resources

New Minor Guardianship Law effective January 1, 2021 Frequently Asked Questions (Administrative Office of the Courts) (external link)

File a Minor Guardianship  (external link)

Responding to Minor Guardianship  (external link)

Minor Guardianship of Native American children  (external link)



Child Welfare Tools


2021 WA State Office of Public Defense Parents Representation Program Manager Map  (pdf)

Statewide List of DCYF Contract Providers Willing to Go Into Jails or Prisons   (pdf)

Resources on Psychological Evaluation in Child Welfare Cases

Resources for Child Abuse Investigations


DCYF Contracted Services (referrals, fee tables, and forms)  (external link)

DCYF Evidence Based Practices List (description of services) (external link)

DCYF Sole Source Contracts (public notice page) (external link)


WA State DOC


Attorney-Client Visits at WA DOC & Other Facilities-docx

Photographs of DOC contact visiting rooms-pptx

Setting up Attorney-Client Telephone Calls at WA State DOC – docx


WA State Jails


Jail Access Contact List (2015)-WA statewide-pdf

Washington State Visiting Policies for Minors


Representing Clients with Diminished Capacity


Resources for a Representing A Child Welfare Client with Potential Competency Issues- pdf

Representing a Parent With Diminished Capacity Ethics & Caselaw Packet – pdf