Join WDA!

Anyone interested in the practice of public defense in Washington state is welcome to join WDA. Individuals currently performing prosecutorial or judicial work are not eligible for WDA membership.

Current membership options:

Starting July 1, you are able to join WDA for 1.5 years (expires December 31, 2021) for $300.00. If you plan on joining WDA in 2021, this option will save you $100.00.

You can also purchase a membership for only the remainder of 2020 for $200.00.

To join, please fill out our online membership form. Go through the steps to pay and then set up your web access account. After you have filled out the form, WDA will review your application and authorize your web access. Please note: you will be taken to PayPal to pay for your membership online, however you can also pay by check. If you want to pay by check, please follow the instructions on the payment page.