Legislative and Policy Advocacy

WDA’s legislative advocacy program is coordinated with the Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL).  We share a lobbyist, Neil Beaver, and staff oversee various issues and advocacy efforts under the guidance of our joint Legislative Committee.

Legislative Session 2022

The 2022 Legislative Session is a short 60 day session that began on January 10 and will end on March 10. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, the vast majority of the session will be conducted remotely.

2022 Session Cutoff Calendar

This session our top priorities are to support the State Office of Public Defense’s budget request, sentencing reform, and the creation of an independent prosecutor’s office to handle law enforcement shootings.

2022 Session Passed Bills

2022 Session Dead Bills

WDA/WACDL Position Papers

HB 1507 Independent Prosecutor
SHB 1773 Assisted Outpatient Treatment
HB 1901 CPOs
HB 1920 Concerning investigations of child abuse or neglect at residential facilities
HB 2037 Police Use of Force
HB 2083 
SSB 5036 Clemency
ESB 5245
SB 5407 firearm theft
ESB 5561 firearms restoration
5561 Opposition Letter
W NAACP stands in strong opposition to SB 5561
SB 5588 Creating Transition Teams
SB 5592 Eliminating Supervision Assessment
SB 5609 Juvenile Fingerprinting
ESSB 5628 
SB 5631 CDL
SB 5645 HB 1773 Assisted Outpatient Treatment
5655 Opposing State Hospitals for Short Term Detention
SB 5663 Kertchen
SB 5663
E2SSB 5664 Competency Restoration
SB 5664 amendments 2.21.22
SSB 5664 Forensic Competency Restoration Programs
SSB 5664 Redline with Task Force Proposal
Total Waitlist (2022-01-10) (redacted w modifications)
SB 5710 contamination tox lab
SB 5772 Post-Conviction Access to Counsel
SSB 5807 Behavioral Health Outcomes
SB 5814 Funding for medical evaluations of suspected victims of child abuse
SB 5867 Compassionate Strategies to Address Homelessness
SB 5919 Police Use of Force

WACDL WDA HB 1773 Veto Letter 2022

Other Organizations Handouts

HB 1956 Protecting Sensitive Prison Records


Please contact Christie Hedman or Amy Hirotaka if you have any questions or are interested in our legislative work.

Amicus Work

WDA appears on behalf of indigent persons, public defenders and other criminal defense attorneys on issues relating to due process, access to justice, criminal defense and the rights of indigent persons. If you are handling a matter at the appellate level that you would like WDA to provide amicus briefing on, or to sign on to your amicus, please visit our Amicus Advocacy page.