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Children are Different: The Impact of In PRP Domingo-Cornelio and In re PRP Ali (10.01.20)

Activity ID #: 115041 Video Password: WDA Presented by Jeff Ellis. 1.0 Law and Legal Credit  


Establishing and Maintaining Client Relationships (09.25.20)

Activity ID # TBD Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation Procedure Diagram    


Head Trauma, Comprehension and Intoxication: What to Look for in EVERY Case (09.11.20)

Activity ID: 1147162 Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation


Blunt Force Trauma: What Every Attorney and Investigator Needs to Know (08.07.20)

Activity ID # 1147162 Video Password: WDA Presented by Tara Godoy with Godoy Medical Forensics. 1.5 Nexus credits.  


Reading Medical Records: A Primer for Attorneys (07.24.20)

Activity ID# 1145552 Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation About the Presenter: Tara Godoy, BSN RN CFN LNC is a Certified Forensic Nurse and has been working with Criminal and Civil Attorneys since 2009. She has a BS in Nurs...


Mobile Device Records Analysis and Mapping in Your Criminal Case (07.22.20)

Activity ID #: 1145278 Video Password: WDA Mobile Device Location Data PowerPoint  


Representing Protesters in Criminal Cases (06.25.20)

Activity ID #: 1152400 Video Password: WDA  


The ABCs of DUIs (06.19.20)

Activity ID # 1142872 Video Password: WDA DUI Issue Checklist Combined Summaries PowerPoint Presentation


Writs on Behalf of Jailed Clients (06.17.20)

Activity ID # 1148375 Video password: WDA Supplementary Materials


Defending Failure to Register Cases (05.29.20)

Activity ID # 1141143 Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation