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Below are the most recent trainings updated on the site. We update this archive of trainings as soon as the video and resources are available.

Human Performance Toxicology: Determining Driver Impairment (07.17.24)

Activity #: 2025888 Video Password: WDA 1.0 Nexus Credit Supplementary Materials: Areas of Expertise – Godoy Medical Forensics GMFI Legal Education Topics Your Resources from Godoy Medical Forensics HPT Handouts (B&W) HP...


Resentencing and Dunbar: Presenting the Story of Transformation (05.17.24)

Recorded Activity ID: 2021897 Video Password: WDA Supplementary Materials


Alcohol and the Body (05.10.24)

Activity ID # 2021339 Video Password: WDA Video coming soon! PowerPoint Presentation Godoy Medical Forensics Materials


2024 Defender Conference (04.26 & 04.27.24)

On this page you’ll find all the materials for the 2024 Defender Conference. Friday Sessions: Legislative Updates, Presented by Ramona Brandes, Attorney PowerPoint The State of Public Defense, Presented by Twyla Carter, Att...


OPD: YAC Info for Defenders

NOTE: This CLE is not sponsored by WDA Activity ID # 2016507 Video Password: WDA Presented by Liz Mustin, Washington State Office of Public Defense, Megan Yeates, Keating & Lynden, LLC and Alex Narvaez, Legal Counsel for Child...


Update on Harassment and Overview of Other Low-Level Charges with High-Level Consequences (03.01.24)

Activity ID # 2016032 Video Password: WDA Presented by Stacy Taeuber with WDA and WDA Extern Haley Davis. PowerPoint Presentation


Sentencing, Calculating Offender Scores, Pre-Plea & Pre-Sentence Consequences, Advice to Client & Risks of Trial & Preserving Appellate Issues (02.16.24)

Activity ID # 2014830 Video Password: WDA 2.0 Law and Legal Credits and .5 Ethics Credits. PowerPoint Presentation Here’s the RCW 9.95.030_ Statement to indeterminate sentence review board_.pdf for you to review. Here’...


Navigating the Complexities of Defending Sex Offenses: Mastering Sex Case Motions & Caselaw (02.14.24)

Activity ID# 2014656 Video Password: WDA Presented by Edwin Aralica. 1.0 Law and Legal Credits. PowerPoint Presentation Supplementary Materials  


Preparing for Clemency, Pardon and Prosecutor Initiated Resentencing (“6164”) Hearings (02.09.24)

Activity ID# 2010479 Video Password: WDA Presented by Jennifer Smith, Executive Director of the Seattle Clemency Project and Cindy Arends Elsberry. 1.25 Law and Legal Credit.   PowerPoint Presentation ForThePeople_Report PIR_...


Public Records (01.19.24)

Activity ID #: 2011973 Video Password: WDA Presented by Mon-Cheri Barns, Public Records Specialist with King County Department of Public Defense. 1.0 Law and Legal credits. PowerPoint Presentation PDR Training – Handout &nbs...