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Below are the most recent trainings updated on the site. We update this archive of trainings as soon as the video and resources are available.

Felony Sentencing 101: A Primer on the SRA – Part 1 (01.23.19)

Activity ID: 1097016 Video Password: WDA Felony Sentencing 101: A Primer on the SRA – Part 1. Presented by Cindy Arends Elsberry. 1.25 Law and Legal Procedure credits. Felony Series Part 1 Materials and PowerPoint


The Defender’s Toolbox: Emerging Issues and Essential Skills (Gonzaga) 11.02.18

Supplementary Materials and PowerPoints for the The Defender’s Toolbox: Emerging Issues and Essential Skills Click here for a full schedule. Representing Clients Facing an Indeterminate Sex Offense Sentence. Presented by Cindy A...


The Defender’s Toolbox: Emerging Issues and Essential Skills (10.12.18)

Available Materials for The Defender’s Toolbox: Emerging Issues and Essential Skills Full Schedule Representing Clients Facing Indeterminate Sex Offense Sentencing. Cindy Arends Elsberry, Washington Defender Association. What...


WDAIP’s Criminal Defense of Immigrant Clients in ICE Custody (09.28.18)

This webinar seeks to bridge the divide between immigration and criminal legal proceedings, and will include practical tips for representing noncitizen clients who are in immigration custody.


Ricky’s’ Law and Your ITA Practice (09.27.18)

Activity ID# 1081825 Video Password: WDA Ricky’s Law and Your ITA Practice. Presented by Kristin Shotwell and Richard Mathisen. PowerPoint Presentation


Defending and Investigating Complex Crimes (09.13.18 & 09.14.18)

Supplementary Materials for WDA’s and Innocence Project Northwest’s CLE Defending and Investigating Complex Crimes Activity ID: 1081743 Click here for a full schedule and biographies of the presenters Click here for c...


Basic DUI Issue Spotting (09.07.18)

This CLE is intended for defenders who are new to DUI practice and will help defenders bring pre-trial motions in DUI cases.


Litigating DUIS: Blood, Breath and FSTS (08.23.18)

Presenters at this DUI CLE will teach about some of the most challenging aspects of drug and alcohol DUIs, including cross-examination of the arresting officer, fighting the Draeger and drug DUIs.


Fresh Take: Starting The Defense of Incarcerated Parents at The Shelter Care Stage

Activity ID # 1077662 **Video Password: WDA Presented by D’Adre Cunningham. 1.5 Law and Legal Procedure Credits. Fresh Take PowerPoint Presentation


Investigation and Litigation Through the Lens of the Adolescent Brain (08.03.18)

This CLE will cover ways defenders can use adolescent brain science when investigating their case, developing their trial theory, and in bringing pretrial motions, including strategies to challenge decline to adult court jurisdict...