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Below are the most recent trainings updated on the site. We update this archive of trainings as soon as the video and resources are available.

2021 Virtual Defender Conference: Moving Forward, Looking Back, and Cultivating Healing (05.20.21 – 05.21.21)

Videos coming soon! Supplementary Materials for the 2021 Virtual Defender Conference: Day One: Legislative Recap: Blake, Updates, and More, Presented by Neil Beaver, Neil Beaver Consulting & Ali Hohman, Director of Legal Serv...


Second Chances: Preparing for a Resentencing Hearing Day 1 and 2 (03.12.21 & 03.26.21)

Click here for the videos and materials of day one and two:  


Victim and Witness Interviews (04.30.21)

Activity ID # 1167641 Video Password: WDA 1.0 Ethics Credits Approved. PowerPoint Presentation


Strategies for No Show Witnesses in DV Cases (02.12.21)

Activity ID # 1161306 Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation


VNCO: Dos & Don’ts When Representing Noncitizen Defendants

Activity ID # 1164106 Video Password: WDA VNCO PowerPoint  


Understanding Breath Test Data from Web DMS (03.10.21)

Activity ID # 1163298 Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation Breath Test Materials Zip File


Draeger Alcotest 9510: Fundamentals of Operation, Data Analysis, and Unresolved Issues (03.05.21)

Activity ID # 1162983 Video Password: WDA PowerPoint Presentation Supplementary Materials: Anderson_JAP_2019 Anderson_WDA_2021 Draeger_Status_and_Error_Codes Evt_01_Profile_Data Legend_Breath_Test_Results_Columns Request_BAC_Graph...


A Friend of the Court: And Introduction to Amicus Advocacy (02.26.21)

Activity ID# 1162396 Video Password: WDA A Friend of the Court: And Introduction to Amicus Advocacy PowerPoint  


Reinstatement of Parental Rights in Washington State (02.05.21)

Activity ID # 1160757 Video Password: WDA Reinstatement of Parental Rights PowerPoint Case Summary 


Indian Child Welfare Act Refresh (02.02.21)

Activity ID: 1160555 Video Password: WDA ICWA Checklist PowerPoint Presentation “We Are Still Here” Documentary