2021 Recordings and Materials

Reinstatement of Parental Rights in Washington State (02.05.21)

Activity ID # 1160757 Video Password: WDA Reinstatement of Parental Rights PowerPoint Case Summary 


Indian Child Welfare Act Refresh (02.02.21)

Activity ID: 1160555 Video Password: WDA ICWA Checklist PowerPoint Presentation “We Are Still Here” Documentary


Investigating and Litigating Affirmative Defenses (01.29.21)

Activity ID # 1160103 Video Password: WDA Affirmative Defenses CLE WDA PowerPoint


Changes to CrR 3.4 and CrRLJ 3.4 (01.15.21)

Activity ID # 1159128 Video Password: WDA Practice Advisory: Changes in When an Accused Person Must Appear in Court Amendments to CrRLJ 3.4 and CrR 3.4 Sample Brief PowerPoint Presentation