Case Support

Practice Tools & Policies for Court Hearings, Attorney Communications, & Attorney Visits

Setting Up Court Hearings

WA DOC Contact Legal Liaison Officers: 

To set up telephonic court appearance









Keeping in Touch with Your Incarcerated Parent-Clients

WA State Jails:

Jail Access Contact List (2015)-WA statewide-pdf

WA State:

Practice Advisory: Things to Know about Setting up Attorney Communication with Clients at WA DOC

This practice advisory is about how to set up attorney-client phone calls at DOC that are not recorded and are free of charge.

Visiting & Calling Your incarcerated Clients (pdf)

**UPDATED 11/8/2021** DOC Policy for Legal Access for Incarcerated Individuals (e.g. court hearings, legal materials, etc.) (pdf)


Other Western State prisons

Alaska DOC:

Attorney Visitation (p.4) (external link)/Prisoner Access to Telephones (pp. 2-3)(external link)/Prisoner Mail (p. 7)(external link)

Arizona DCRR:

Legal Access to Courts  Attorney Visits (p. 23)/Legal Calls (p. 22)/Legal Mail (p. 17)(external link)

California State DCR:

Litigation coordinators arrange attorney visits, among other things (external link)

Colorado DOC:

Visiting an Incarcerated Individual at Colorado DOC (external link)

Hawaii Corrections:

Correspondence (pp. 5-6)/Attorney Visitation (pp. 12, 15)

Idaho DOC:

Attorney Access to Residents  (external link)

Montana DOC:

Attorney-Client Contact

Nevada DOC:

Administrative Regulation 722- Inmate Legal Access  (pp 9-16) (external link)

Oregon DOC:

Professional Visit and Communication Guide (external link)