Case Support

Practice Tools & Policies for Court Hearings, Attorney Communications, & Attorney Visits

Setting Up Court Hearings

See WA DOC information for setting up court hearings – website (external link)


List of Email Addresses to Contact WA DOC Legal Liaison Officers by Facility: 

To set up telephonic court appearance






Keeping in Touch with Your Incarcerated Parent-Clients

WA State Jails:

Jail Access Contact List (2015)-WA statewide-pdf

WA State:

**UPDATED 10/6/2022** DOC No. 590.500 Legal Access for Incarcerated Individuals (e.g. court hearings, legal materials, etc.) ()

Please refer to this document (updated 3.22.2023) referenced in the Policy 590.500 for instructions on all forms of attorney-client communication.

**Starting Summer 2022 and until the DOC technology transition is completed, attorneys with clients at DOC  prisons should refer to this IPP advisory on setting up confidential attorney-client telephone calls through Securus technologies.


Getting Defense Team members added to confidential call list.

Consider using this practice advisory to help advocate for your non-attorney defense team/staff having confidential calls.


Other Western State prisons

Alaska DOC:

Attorney Visitation (p.4) (external link)/Prisoner Access to Telephones (pp. 2-3)(external link)/Prisoner Mail (p. 7)(external link)

Arizona DCRR:

Legal Access to Courts  Attorney Visits (p. 23)/Legal Calls (p. 22)/Legal Mail (p. 17)(external link)

California State DCR:

Litigation coordinators arrange attorney visits, among other things (external link)

Colorado DOC:

Visiting an Incarcerated Individual at Colorado DOC (external link)

Hawaii Corrections:

Correspondence (pp. 5-6)/Attorney Visitation (pp. 12, 15)

Idaho DOC:

Attorney Access to Residents  (external link)

Montana DOC:

Attorney-Client Contact (external link)

Nevada DOC:

Administrative Regulation 722- Inmate Legal Access  (pp 9-16) (external link)

Oregon DOC:

Professional Visit and Communication Guide (external link)