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The Incarcerated Parents Project provides legal information and referral to:

  • Parents who are facing incarceration
  • Parents who are incarcerated
  • Parents who have been incarcerated
  • Family & Loved Ones of Incarcerated Parents 
  • Other Community members & Advocates Assisting Incarcerated Parents

The Incarcerated Parents Project provides case assistance to:

  • Court-Appointed Attorney Representing Incarcerated Parents  
  • Attorneys Representing Incarcerated or Formerly Incarcerated Parents


In our efforts to keep families intact, we provide legal resources by providing case assistance to incarcerated parents and parents facing incarceration, family members, indigent defenders, and others; legal motions and briefs; expert referrals; and legal training to defenders, other court participants and community members; and we engage in collaborative policy efforts to keep parents in the community, ensure high quality, meaningful connections are maintained between children and their parents during incarceration, and to remove stigma associated with parental incarceration.