2021 WDA Board Offic...

2021 WDA Board Office Member Elections

2021 Office Member Representative Board Elections

Under the WDA bylaws, 15 office member representatives are to be elected to serve two year terms on the WDA board. These positions are “at large” and are to be voted upon by the member offices. Fifteen nominations were received for the 15 open positions, with all of the current office member representatives expressing interest in continuing to serve. You can choose to either vote for the entire slate of nominees, or vote for specific individuals. Please cast your ballot by June 18, 2021.

Slate Approval

I vote only for the following candidates:

Kathy Knox, Director, City of Spokane Public Defender’s Office
Harry Gasnick, Director
Jeremy Ford, Director
Kari Reardon, Director
Anita Khandelwal, Director
Brett Hill, Director
Jennifer Serafin, Staff Attorney
Mike Kawamura, Director
Keith Tyne, Director
Jennifer McIntyre, Staff Attorney
Matthew Harget, Staff Attorney
Patrick O’Connor, Director
Greg Link, Director
Starck Follis, Director
Paul Kelley, Director, Yakima County Department of Assigned Counsel