2024 Defender Confer...

2024 Defender Conference Award Winners

2024 Defender Conference Awards 

Gideon Award 

Suzanne Elliott 

For her lifetime work on behalf of public defense clients. 

President’s Awards 

Rose Boughton 

An attorney with 5 or less years’ experience who has achieved outstanding success in her public defense work. 

Bruce Adsero 

In recognition of his outstanding work in challenging the use of contaminated blood test results in methamphetamine DUI cases. 

Certificates of Recognition 

Jeri Chavez for her work with civil legal aid providers and WDA to help break down barriers between civil and criminal defense in Skagit County. 

Nathan Rouse for his work challenging the constitutionality of King County’s administrative booking procedure. 

Distinguished Career Service 

Wes Richards for his lifetime work as a public defender in Skagit and King Counties.