Tools for Advocating...

Tools for Advocating for Release & Other Relief During COVID 19 Health Crisis including motions, briefing and more

Selected Proclamations and Directives of the Governor 

Washington Supreme Court Orders (Most recent)

WA Courts website with court operations (Alphabetical order)

Media Coverage of Decarceration Efforts


Administrative Orders & Other Resources By County

Cowlitz County  King County Kittitas County
Kitsap County Mason County Snohomish County
Spokane County Thurston County Whatcom County


Sample Motions for Defenders

State Briefing

Sample Motion for Pretrial Release: Challenge to cost of SCRAM_RCW 10.21.055

Sample Motion for Pretrial Release in Superior Court  

Sample Motion for Pretrial Release District/City Court

Sample Defense Firm Letter to Jails re COVID Emergency

Sample Motion to challenge continued pre-trial confinement

Sample Motion to Continue Trial and other dates with COVID Facts -Federal or State Court 

Sample Motion for Relief from Judgment- Misdemeanor Sentenced Defendant in Jail CrRLJ 7.8(b)

Sample Motion for Relief from Judgment for Felony Defendant in Jail or Prison CrR 7.b(5)


Federal Briefing


WDA-Involved COVID Training  since March 2020

Release Pending Appeal


Preserving the Bond During COVID in Child Welfare Cases


Motions for Trials by County



Sample Motions By County

King                                         Pierce                                              Snohomish


Practice Advisories

WDA Practice Advisory: Governor’s Proclamation 20-80-Halting Transports to DOC

WDA Practive Advisory: Defending in an Era of COVID 19: A Conversation on  Ethics with Professor John Strait

WDA Practice Advisory: Bail Reform Policy and Pretrial Release

WDA Practice Advisory:  Conditions of Pretrial Release in Superior Court and Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

WDA Practice Advisory Supreme Court Order Limiting Courts re COVID 19 (4.1.20)


Guidance for Defenders

When arguing for release

Persuasive Info Sheet for Bail Argument

Guidance on COVID-19 In Release Advocacy

Explainer: Prisons and jails are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 outbreaks

Public Defender COVID-19 Sample Talking Points — Zealous

ACLU Report- Flattening the Curve: Why Reducing Jail Populations Is Key to Beating COVID-19

Human Rights Watch: Averting an Imminent Catastrophe: Recommendations to US Local, State and Federal Officials to Covid-19 in Jails and Prisons

Declaration of Dr Marc Stern – without contingency


When arguing for family time or reunification

Court Improvement Training Academy (CITA-WA) – Resources for Family Time in the COVID 19 era

Keeping Financial Resources in the Family During Intervention


When courts are reopening

DOH: COVID 19 and Washington State Courts

Defender Checklist Remote Hearings COVID

Juvenile Court Guidance Remote Hearings COVID

COVID-19 Guidance for ITA Video Evaluations

Constitutional Adequacy of Distanced Trial and Jury Pools during COVID (Oregon)

Jury Trial during a Pandemic: Guidance and Objections (Oregon)

Brennan Center Courts’ Response to the COVID 19 Crisis

Pistor, Katharina, Law in the Time of COVID-19, Columbia Law School (2020)

Credibility Determinations During COVID


When addressing safety in defender work spaces

CARES Guidance for Defender Agencies


When Representing Noncitizens

WDAIP Noncitizen Defendants & COVID 19: Best Practice Updates (4.3.2020)

Justice Collaborative COVID-19 Resource Page


When Representing Children & Youth

Declaration from Marybeth Queral regarding WA Juvenile Rehabilitation

Juvenile Defense Resources for COVID 19

Report Calling for Youth and Juvenile Release from Detention

Physicians for Criminal Justice Reform: Risks for Incarcerated Youth

Interstate Commission for Juveniles Emergency Guidelines 


General Defender Public Health Resources

WSBA COVID 19 Resource Page

WSBA COVID-19 Equity Analysis and Resources

NAPD COVID 19 Resources

NACDL COVID 19 Resource Page

Justice Collaborative COVID-19 Resource Page

World Health Organization-Preparedness, Prevention, and Control of COVID-19 in Prisons

Policy & Public Health Recommendations for Preventing & Containing a COVID-19 Pandemic in Jails and Prisons


Guidance from other Legal System Participants

WA Courts Guidelines to Resuming Jury Trials

WA Judge’s Bench Book for Public Health Crisis

WAPA Mask Memo

NAPD Fieldwork Best Practices & COVID-19

NJP COVID 19 and Jury Service

Univ. of Texas-Austin LBJ School – Strategies for Sheriffs and Jails to Respond to the COVID-19 Crisis


Government COVID 19 Guidance

Safe Start Corrections: Step-by-Step Approach for Reopening During COVID 19

DOC Staff Message RE Safe Start Corrections

DOH Guideance for Courts

WA State Department of Licensing COVID 19 Recommendations 

CDC Correctional and Detention Facilities Resources


Oversight & Impact Litigation


Weekly OCO Call is now on Teams

OCO: CRCC COVID-19 Outbreak Investigation Report (11.30.20)

OCO: Mattresses, Retaliation, and Monitoring Reports Publication (10.8.20)

OCO Monitoring Report for Washington Corrections Center for Women (5.22.20 & 5.26.20)

OCO Monitoring Reports: CRCC, CCCC, and SCCC (6.5.20)

OCO Monitoring Report for Airway Heights Corrections Center (5.7.20)

OCO Monitoring Report for Mission Creek Corrections Center for Women (5.15.20)

Office of the Corrections Ombuds (OCO) Monitoring Report 4.10.20

DRW files complaint with Department of Health Human Services Office of Civil Rights

DRW COVID 19 Updates


Impact Litigation

State Litigation


National Litigation

Court Access, Decarceration, & Other Advocacy Letters


WDA/WACDL Concerns Relating to the Resumption of Jury Trials

Letter to Seattle City Council and City Attorney Holmes regarding SMC

WDA/WACDL Proposed Juvenile Court Rule to Quash Warrants

Second Letter to Governor re Release of Pregnant People

Family Defense Attorneys’ Concerns Regarding Proclamation 20-33

WDA/WACDL Proposed Order re 71.09

WDA/WACDL Proposed Motion for Consideration re Dependency & WDA/WACDL Proposed Order re Dependency

WDA/WACDL COVID 19 Taskforce Letter to Supreme Court 3.17.2020Proposed Order regarding Courtroom Closure and Pretrial release

Letter Concerning Parent-Child Contact & Proposed Order on Joint Shelter Care and Dependency Proceedings

WDA/WACDL Proposed ITA Order March 26 2020

WDA/WACDL and WAPA Agreed Proposed Signature Order 4.1.20

WDA/WACDL Revised Proposed Juvenile Order and Court Rules

Incarcerated Youth Letter to Court Admin & Incarcerated Youth Letter to Sec Hunter

Letter to the Governor Requesting Clarification Regarding Family Visitation for Children Involved in Washington’s Foster Care System

Request to DSHS to Reduce WSH ESH Population 4.2.20

Letter to Governor Regarding Older Youth in Care

Letter to Governor re Residential Parenting Program and Pregnant Incarcerated Individuals

Free to Drive AAMVA COVID19 Letter

Other Advocacy Letters

Loved Ones of Incarcerated Individuals

Mutual Aid Solidarity Network Letter to the Governor in Support of Incarcerated Communities

Mutual Aid Solidarity Network Letter to Mayor Durkan in Support of Incarcerated Communities

Mutual Aid Solidarity Network Letter to King County in Support of Incarcerated Communities


Defense Orgs

DPD’s Response to ITA Proposed Order (4.2.20)

National Juvenile Defender Center Statement on COVID-19 Pandemic


Civil Legal Orgs

COVID-19 King County Jail Letter, 3.20.20

NJP Letter DSHS Strange WSH ESH COVID-19 4-3-20

ACLU HI + LEJ Motion for Leave to File Amicus Brief Supporting PD’s Release Petition

ACLU HI + LEJ Proposed Amicus Brief Supporting PD’s Release Petition

ACLU-DRW Letter to Inslee re Proposed Executive Order 3.27.20Proposed Executive Order re Correctional Facilities 3.27.20


Prosecuting Attorneys, Law Enforcement, &  Corrections

WASPC Letter by Dr. Marc Stern, Suggestions for Jails 3.13.20

Declaration of Dr Marc Stern – without contingency

WAPA Response to Proposed Juvenile Order

Declaration from Marybeth Queral regarding Juvenile Rehabilitation

Snohomish County PAO- Temporary Health Emergency Policy / Presumptive Pre-Trial Agreed Release for Some Non-Violent and Non-Sexual Assault Offense Inmates

WAPA Mask Memo


Foster Care Orgs

Children’s Bureau Advocacy Letter


Healthcare Orgs

DSHS Patient Discharge Response Letter 4.4.20


Community Resources

For Children, Parents, & Caregivers

NACC COVID-19 Resource Hub

Parent/Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with Coronavirus

Successful Video Visits with Young Children

Using Tech to Keep Kids & Parents Connected


Resources for Immigrants/Noncitizens

WAISN Resource Finder

One America COVID 19 Resources for Immigrants

COVID 19 and Immigrant Workers Fact Sheet

Apply for COVID-19 Relief Fund for WA Undocumented Community

Benefits Information for People without Immigration Status (English) & Información sobre las prestaciones de asistencia pública para personas sin estatus migratorio (Español)

Center for Gender and Refugee Studies COVID 19 Resource Page


Social Safety Net resources

Low or No Technology Options for Socializing at a Distance

Temporary Suspension of Civil Evictions in King County

Emergency Unemployment Rule: Job Search Optional

COVID 19 Mutual Aid Resources – Seattle

COVID-19 Moratorium on Evictions Extension

Legal Voice COVID-19 Resource List 

Federal Eviction Moratoriums

Eviction Rent Assistance Program

EFC Eviction and Rent Assistance

US Department of the Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance Program


Healthcare Resources

WA Listens: Support Service for Managing Elevated Stress Related to COVID 19

COVID 19: Manage Anxiety and Stress

Teladoc COVID 19 Flyer

CCW Telehealth Flyer Bilingual

ADIS Online

Northwest Health Law Advocates: COVID-19 Resources for Health Care Access


Civil Legal Aid services

National Disaster Legal Aid Advocacy Center

Unemployment Law Project: Unemployment Benefits and COVID 19

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to the CARES Act

COVID-19 Updates on Non-LSC Federal Funding that can Support Legal Service Providers and Courts


Community Resources for Incarcerated Individuals

Columbia Legal Services COVID-19 Prison Lawsuit FAQs

Columbia Legal Services COVID 19 Resource Page

Unofficial WA State Inmate and Family Covid-19 Support Group

DSHS DOC COVID-19 Rapid Reentry Public Assistance Process

Re-entry Planning Resources for Incarcerated Individuals

FAQ: CARES Act Stimulus Checks in Prison (Preguntas Frecuentes de la Ley CARES Para Individuos Involucrados en la Justicia)


Government COVID 19 Resources


Centers for Disease Control COVID 19 page

CDC COVID 19 Screening Tool page

Bureau of Prisons COVID 19 Page



WA State Official COVID-19 page

WA Courts COVID 19 Response

WA State Department of Health COVID 19 page

WA State Department of Social & Health Services Behavioral Health COVID 19 Response

WA State DOC COVID 19 Information Page

WA State Office of Corrections Ombuds COVID 19 Resource Page



Seattle Office of the Mayor: COVID-19: Resources for Community

King County (WA) COVID 19 Resource Page

Snohomish County (WA) COVID 19 Response Page

Safe Start Pierce County (WA) Page