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If you are working on a particular project that you would like to let other defenders know about, please fill out the form below.  To see current projects we’re highlighting, click here. We hope that these connections may lead to more opportunities for collaboration across jurisdictions and to better outcomes for our clients.

Defenders across the state are involved in a variety of  innovative projects aimed at improving client representation. Defenders are also working to enhance systems that help our clients while changing those that cause harm. Public defender led efforts have the ability to positively impact a wide array of  challenges related to public defense. Defender innovations can also improve prosecutor, law enforcement and court practices. Projects may also result in improved access to therapeutic and preventive services for our communities.  The WDA Defender Innovation Projects Page provides a platform for defenders to share their innovative project work with our statewide community.

If you have any questions, please contact Hillary Behrman, Director of Legal Services, at

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