Blake 2.0: State v. ...

Blake 2.0: State v. Blake and Resentencing Hearings – Full Day Program
On February, 25, 2021, the Washington Supreme Court decided State v. Blake, 197 Wn.2d 170, 481 P.3d 521 (2021), declaring RCW 69.50.4013, the statute that prohibits unlawful possession of controlled substances, unconstitutional. This landmark case has had far-reaching impact, leading the courts and parties to revisit past cases and convictions dating back to the early 1970’s, and to address wide ranging issues, including motions to vacate prior unconstitutional convictions, motions for relief from judgement and resentencing, and other motions for relief, such as reimbursement of legal financial obligations or relief from other consequences of conviction.  (See Court’s Drug Possession Ruling Upends WA’s Criminal Justice System, Crosscut, March 12, 2021) 

As a practical matter, State v Blake has produced an avalanche of new and different work for defense attorneys and defense team members, prosecutors, and the courts, and a plethora of new legal issues to address through litigation.   

This CLE is intended for defense attorneys, investigators, sentencing advocates, and mitigation specialists who will represent individuals in resentencing cases. Sessions will touch on the legal, procedural, and practical implications of preparing for, and handling a resentencing hearing in cases affected by State v. Blake. Click here for a full schedule.

To register, email with “Blake” in the subject line. 6.25 Credits have been requested from the WSBA for this program.