Challenging Search W...

Challenging Search Warrants
Program Description:

Jim Dixon will present a one hour webinar on challenges to search warrants. Jim, who has successfully litigated and negotiated issues related to search warrants at both the trial and appellate levels, will discuss the mechanics of a 3.6 hearing challenging a search warrant as well as the legal requirements for a valid search warrant. He will cover in depth what the State must show to prove that probable cause supported a search warrant and the Fourth Amendment’s particularity requirement. This CLE will be useful to misdemeanor attorneys litigating search warrants for blood draws as well as felony attorneys litigating search warrants for other types of evidence.

Presenter Biography:

Jim Dixon has nearly three decades experience in litigation and appellate practice. He spent 13 years as a public defender, first as a trial attorney and then as an appellate supervisor. Jim later became a senior trial attorney for a national insurance company, where he was assigned to special investigation cases. He was also responsible for training staff attorneys on legal developments and current practices in insurance law. In 2005, he co-founded Dixon & Cannon, Ltd. His practice emphasizes criminal defense, personal injury, civil rights violations, appeals and post trial motions.

Jim is a graduate of Berkeley Law where he served as Executive Editor of the Ecology Law Quarterly. He holds memberships in the WSBA, Federal District Court Bar, WACDL, and WSAJ. He serves on the Rules Committee for the latter. He has also been selected to serve on the WSBA Court Rules Committee, which is responsible for drafting new evidentiary and procedural rules for Washington courts. Jim has won appeals in the Washington Supreme Court on cases ranging from DWI to first-degree murder. In addition to his own cases, he enjoys associating with trial attorneys. As a consultant, he often drafts motions, and generally ensures a proper record is made in the event of a guilty verdict.

This webinar will be presented on October 20, 2017 between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM for 1.0 Law and Legal Procedure Credit. To register, email with “Search Warrants” in the subject line.