Discovery Overview &...

Discovery Overview & Demands
Title: Discovery Overview & Demands

Date & Time: July 7, 2023. 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM

Program Description:

Part one of our Discovery Series, this CLE will address the basics of discovery, starting with what to put in a discovery demand and what documents to request. Presenter Hector Leal, a defense attorney in Skagit County, will also discuss relevant law, including court rules, Rules of Professional Conduct and constitutional requirements. Finally, he will cover ways to seek remedies for discovery violations. Attendees will leave this CLE with an understanding of how to request discovery and enforce the request.

*Please note, each program in our Discovery Series is a stand-alone webinar. You do not need to attend the entire series if you are unable to.

To register for this CLE, email with “Demands” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal credit has been requested from the WSBA for this program.