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Discovery Series Webinar: Investigations
Private Investigator Abel Campos from Premier Investigations in Benton County will discuss working with an investigator, the importance of hiring one early in the case to get information and evidence not provided by the prosecution, or not investigated by police. Some things include accurate distances; measurements; visual angles that may have affected witnesses’ perceptions; locating uncooperative witnesses; locating undisclosed/unknown witnesses and finding evidence not listed in State discovery such as surveillance video; and useful evidence from social media profiles and posts. He will also talk about interviews investigators can do for or with defense counsel.

*Please note, each program in our Discovery Series is a stand-alone webinar. You do not need to attend the entire series if you are unable to.

To register for this CLE, email with “Investigations” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal credit has been requested from the WSBA for this program.