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Second Chances: Preparing for a Resentencing Hearing Part II
In 2020, individuals serving long sentences gained two new potential pathways to resentencing hearings in Washington state courts. The first path is through felony resentencing, RCW 36.27.130, also commonly known as “SB 6164.” This new legislation gives prosecutors authority to petition for a resentencing hearing “in the interest of justice.” The second path to resentencing is for youth sentenced as adults, pursuant to In re Domingo-Cornelio and In re Ali (holding State v. Houston-Sconiers is retroactive – trial courts have and must exercise discretion when sentencing youth in adult court).

This two part CLE, held on March 12 and 26, is intended for defense attorneys, investigators, sentencing advocates, and mitigation specialists.  The content for this training will include 4.5 hours of CLE credit on each date.  Sessions will touch on the legal, procedural, and practical implications of preparing for and handling a resentencing hearing, including:  case management/logistics, preparing the client, telling a compelling client story, and crafting a solid release plan, working with experts, conducting mitigation investigations, litigating race at resentencing, working with community, and lessons learned from some attorneys experienced with 6164 petitions. For a schedule of the program, click here..

This CLE series is open and free to all WDA and WACDL members.  Attendees should plan to be at both sessions. To register, email with “Second Chances” in the subject line.