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In Person CLE – Readying Yourself for the Draeger

The Draeger 9510, Washington’s latest breath test machine, has finally made its way to King County. This CLE will catch you up on the basics of the machine, its history so far here in Washington, ongoing litigation efforts related to the machine’s source code, and then move you into the present day of how to try a Draeger case on your own or with an expert.

First, we will catch you up with the latest litigation revolving around the Draeger’s source code and its analysis that began in Snohomish County. Next, we will talk about the basics of the machine and how it’s both similar to and different from the Datamaster. The bulk of our time together will be spent exploring the ripe chapters of cross-examination for the breath test technician so that you can try a Draeger case on the following Monday. Finally, we will discuss the science behind the machine and how to head to trial with a breath test expert against the Draeger.

This event will take place at Washington Hall, 153 14th Avenue,Seattle, Washington 98122

To register for the CLE, email with Draeger in the subject line. 3.75 Law and Legal Credits have been requested by the WSBA for this program.