Issue Spotting – W...

Issue Spotting – What Are You Going to Do?
Law Enforcement has contacted your client in some manner, and now there is a criminal case pending. What are you going to do? Too often defense attorneys don’t get the case until some type of damage has already been done. This full day, in person session set in the beautiful Yakima Valley Arboretum, will teach or remind attorneys where to find the issues to suppress illegally obtained evidence, and best represent their client. Attendees will learn issue spotting tips and remedies in areas including: Discovery Issues; Issues in Searching People and Vehicles; Residential Search Issues; Pretext Stop Issues; Issues with On Scene Statements; and Procedural Issues. For a full schedule, click here.

Come join us for an informative and fun day. 7.0 Law and Legal CLE credits have been approved for this program.

To register for this CLE, email with “Issue Spotting” in the subject line.