Letting Go of Fear: ...

Letting Go of Fear: Winning Comparability Arguments and Negotiating Three Strikes Cases
Presented by Elissa Brine with the Skagit County Public Defender, this CLE will focus on three strikes issues and how they relate to the rest of our defense practices.  We will use two case studies from my practice to discuss how and why to litigate comparability in three strikes cases, focusing on an analysis of Assault II laws in the states of Idaho, Oregon, Montana and my home state of Colorado.  Throughout the program, we will explore how the research and negotiation skills used in three strikes cases can help in almost all cases, including misdemeanors. 

To register for this webinar, please email wda@defensenet.org with “Three Strikes” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal CLE credit has been requested from the WSBA for this program.