Motions to Suppress:...

Motions to Suppress: Stops and Arrests Based on Information from Tipsters Presented at King County Department of Public Defense
The Washington Supreme Court decided State v. Z.U.E. in 2015. That case answered some questions about Terry stops based on informants’ tips, but it did not resolve all of the confusion around that topic. For example, it is still unclear when an informant’s tip is reliable enough that police need not corroborate the tip prior to a stop. This CLE will examine Washington and U.S. Supreme Court cases on Terry stops and informants’ tips in an attempt to shed light on the subject.  Magda Baker will also discuss the Agular-Spinelli standard relevant to arrests based on informants’ tips. This training is relevant to all attorneys interested in bringing motions to suppress in criminal cases.

This CLE is hosted at King County Department of Public Defense as an in-house training for King DPD employees. If you are not a King DPD employee but interested in attending, please email us at There may be a limited number of seats available to WDA Members.