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Navigating the Complexities of Defending Sex Offenses: Mastering Sex Case Motions and Caselaw
Edwin Aralica will discuss the basic motions in limine and other motions necessary to prevail in a sex case. This includes discovery motions, ER 404(b) motions, child competency, child hearsay litigation, dealing with medical evidence including SANE issues, child forensic motions, rape shield, opinion evidence, etc. This CLE will discuss both pre-trial motion practice and trial motion practice.  Likewise, this training will equip attorneys with the expertise to defend sex offense cases with thoughtfulness, tailored to achieve the best result for each individual case and factual issue. Attorneys will leave this training armed with the knowledge of what to scrutinize when defending a sex offense case, which evidence to demand during discovery to bolster your motions, and the strategic acumen to determine whether to pursue a motion or not.

To register, please email with “Motions and Caselaw” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal credits requested from the WSBA for this program.