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Navigating the Complexities of Defending Sex Offenses: Preparing and Presenting Client Testimony
This course is designed exclusively to learn the nuances of preparing a client charged with a sex offense to testify. The presenter, Zachary Wagnild, will empower defense counsel with strategies to ensure the client is prepared for courtroom challenges. Approaches will be demonstrated for client control and response on the stand during both direct and cross examination questioning. Attorneys will learn how and why to fine-tune a client’s behavior and visual presence in court and on the stand, to ensure the client exudes credibility and confidence. Attorneys will be taught the valuable art of raising weaknesses of the case, while also delivering compelling client responses focused on the critical details of the case. Tactical skills learned in this course will also include what commonly made mistakes to avoid when your client is on the stand. As attorneys leave this course, they will emerge equipped with an arsenal of courtroom advocacy skills that are indispensable when it comes to preparing clients to testify in sex offense trials. 

This CLE will be presented by Zachary Wagnild, a Seattle-based criminal defense attorney with a private practice that emphasizes representing those accused of sexual assault and child sexual abuse.

To register, please email with “Preparing and Presenting” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal credits requested from the WSBA for this program.