No Crime No Time: Un...

No Crime No Time: Understanding Recent Legislative Changes to the Use of Incarceration of Children for Contempt
At the end of most recent legislative session, the Washington State Legislature enacted SB 5290 which, over the course of several years, will eventually eliminate the use of incarceration for youth as a sanction for contempt in civil cases, including dependency and Becca cases.  Although the statute contains staggered effective dates there are some changes which take effect immediately on 7/1 of this year.   This training will help acquaint practitioners with significant changes to their dependency and Becca practices that will be required by this new law as well as strategies for how to ensure that your local jurisdiction is in compliance with these changes.

To register, email with “no crime” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal Procedure credit has been requested from the WSBA for this webinar.