Post-Conviction Reli...

Post-Conviction Relief for Refugees and Immigrants Training
Come learn how you can use your criminal defense experience to save someone at imminent risk of deportation through post-conviction relief.

Seattle Clemency Project has identified a population of individuals who are facing deportation based on old convictions where they were not properly advised of the immigration consequences of their pleas. They made mistakes long ago and their convictions led to deportation orders. For years, these individuals were allowed to remain in the United States and many came here as refugees. However, over the past two years the federal government has increased deportations across the board, affecting many individuals with old deportation orders. Most of these individuals have family and friends here, including, in many cases, US citizen spouses and children.

The only hope of keeping these families together is through vacating their conviction. WDA has been at the forefront of the intersection between criminal and immigration law for 20 years, and has expertise and materials to guide lawyers through the process of vacating a conviction. At this training, Annie Benson from WDA and Neil Fox will show you how to handle a post-conviction case and Seattle Clemency Project will explain how you will be supported through the process.

Please join us to learn how YOU can take a case and change a life. There is no cost to attend. To register, please contact Louise Bush at

For more information, click here: Post-Conviction Relief for Refugees and Immigrants Training Flyer