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Defending and Investigating Complex Crimes – 2018 DPAP Conference
WDA’s Death Penalty Assistance Project (DPAP), the WDA Investigator Network, and the Innocence Project NW are partnering to bring you a 2 day live CLE held at the UW School of Law in Seattle.  This CLE will be designed for both lawyers and investigators.

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Our CLE topics will include but are not limited to:

    • Freeing the San Antonio Four: The Story of a Texas Exoneration
    • Allegations of Child Sex Abuse: Challenging the Experts and the Evidence
    • Investigating and Defending a Cold Case
    • DNA Today:  DNA in the World of Probabilistic Genotyping
    • Investigating Forensic Science
    • Cell Phone Extractions for Attorneys & Investigators- Pulling the Veil off the State’s Discovery
    • Ethics: Post Conviction Obligations of Trial Counsel
    • Successfully Preparing for and Conducting the Pre-trial Frye Hearing
    • Defense Theories That Win
    • Mitigation Videos – A Valuable Tool to Humanize Your Client
    • Conducting Mitigation Investigations to Settle Two/Three Strike and Homicide Cases
    • Jury Deselection in Non-Capital Cases

12.25 CLE credits have been request from the WSBA. Please note that due to limited capacity, priority will be given to death penalty certified attorneys, attorneys working on their death penalty certification and investigators.