Deaf Culture: Repres...

Deaf Culture: Representing Deaf Clients
In this 90 minute presentation, Joel Bergsbaken, the Program Coordinator for the (HSDC) Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center in Bellingham, Washington, will present information about the Deaf culture and key concepts important for representing a client who is Deaf or Hard of Hearing; including challenges, burdens, and assumptions. Joel will also go over some of the common misconceptions with American Sign Language, written English, and access to information.

Guin Raikes, ITA attorney for the Skagit County Public Defender’s Office and who majored in Signed Language Linguistics in her undergraduate, will explain some of the specific legal challenges that come with representing Deaf clients, including examples of challenges within the court and legal system. She will offer additional legal strategies and things to look for in a case when representing a Deaf person, including strategies that may be useful and pitfalls to avoid.

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