The Defender’s Too...

The Defender’s Toolbox: Emerging Issues And Essential Skills – Gonzaga University
The goal of WDA’s 2018 Defender Tool Box CLE program is to provide public defenders practicing in state, district and municipal courts both skill based and substantive law driven sessions on an array of different criminal practice related areas as well as increased knowledge about emerging issues and changes in the law. Defenders will gain skills to enhance the representation of their clients from charging through sentencing and beyond. They will learn from experienced litigators and trainers about practice strategies to improve their representation of indigent clients and developments in the law in the following areas: representation and sentencing advocacy for individuals charged with sexual offences, investigation and defense in drug based DUIs, the consequences of misdemeanor convictions on your clients felony case, everything you need to know about legal finical obligations for indigent clients and finally, how to represent parents who are charged with crimes and facing incarceration.

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5.75 Law and Legal Procedure credits have been requested from the WSBA for this program.