SAVE THE DATE: Legal Procedures & Strategic Arguments for Mental Health Advocacy

Join us for an intensive training session delving into the intricacies of mental health laws and advocacy strategies. Throughout the day, we will explore essential topics including competency hearings, diminished capacity, contested competency, multiple restoration periods, and the mental health sentencing alternative.

In addition, our expert speakers will lead a comprehensive Q&A session focusing on the benefits of including concerns on the 10.77 evaluation form, the importance of attorneys attending competency evaluations with their clients and navigating challenges when out-of-custody clients are in limbo. Gain invaluable insights and effective strategies from seasoned professionals to enhance your mental health advocacy skills.

Registration will be opening soon, so save the date and we’ll see you there!

This CLE will take place in Clark County:

Clark College
1933 Fort Vancouver Way
Vancouver WA 98663