Preparing for Resent...

Preparing for Resentencing in Homicide Cases
On Friday June 21, 2024, from 12:00-4:30, RPW will host an online training event focused on Preparing for Resentencing in Homicide Cases.  In this event we hope to support and inspire defense attorneys with clients in the Monschke/Carter/Reite class and the remaining few clients awaiting resentencing in the Miller class. Jeff Ellis, counsel for Mr. Carter and Ms. Reite, will provide an overview of the decisions and their holdings, Mr. Ellis and a panel of attorneys experienced in homicide resentencing cases will discuss and share tips for preparing for these hearings, and we will hear from directly impacted individuals – resentencing from the client’s perspective.   We will also share resources and tips for preparing your client for a successful release and reentry.

This event will be open to all defense attorneys and defense team members, regardless of WDA membership.

For a full schedule of the day: Click Here

To register, please write to with “Homicide” in the subject line.

1.75 Law and Legal Credits and 2.25 Ethics General credits have been requested from the bar.