Relief from Sex Offe...

Relief from Sex Offender Registration for Juveniles Offenders
Sex offender registration has ongoing detrimental effects on clients and their families that continue long after the case is closed. These include depression, relationship difficulties, difficulty finding and maintaining employment and housing, public shaming, harassment and violence. A growing understanding of the negative impacts of registration, particularly given the otherwise low rates of recidivism among these juvenile offenders, has resulted in improved opportunities to obtain relief from the duty to register for clients who commit their offenses before they turn 18. We will reexamine who is required to register, how long that obligation continues, and the several points at which courts have been given the guided discretion to find individuals have been successfully rehabilitated and should be removed from the central registry of sex offenders.

This webinar will be presented by David Donnan with The Meryhew Law Group, LLC in partnership with the Office of Civil Legal Aid.

To register for the webinar, email with “Sex Offender” in the title.