Sex Offense Treatmen...

Sex Offense Treatment & Assessment Programs
Almost all clients who are charged with and/or convicted of a sex offense are required to do treatment. For those heading to prison, it is vital to decide whether and how to participate in the treatment available at DOC.  Cathi D. Harris, MA is the Director, Sex Offense Treatment & Assessment Programs, Health Services Division, WA Department of Corrections. Ms. Harris will present on the current Sex Offender Treatment and Assessment Program (SOTAP) in the department of corrections. Ms. Harris will review the empirical basis of the program and theory underpinning DOCs approach to treatment.  She’ll talk about how clients qualify for treatment, how their eligibility and amenability is determined by DOC.  Ms. Harris will also talk about the treatment available to people who maintain their innocence (deniers) and for folks who have previously completed the treatment program but were detained by the ISRB.  Ms. Harris will answer questions about the program so public defenders can answer client questions about whether and how to participate in the DOC’s SOTAP.

1.0 Law and Legal credit has been requested from the bar. To register, please write to with “Sex Offense” in the subject line.