Rescheduled: The Int...

Rescheduled: The Intersection of Involuntary Treatment And Competency Petitions: Demystifying the Involuntary Treatment Act for Criminal Defense Attorneys.
This CLE is rescheduled to May 10th.


This presentation will be an overview of processes related to civil commitment under the involuntary treatment act (ITA) and explain how lawyers who raise competency in criminal cases can help their clients’ involuntary treatment cases. The presenters will give tips on how to construct a petition raising competency in a civil case under Chapter 10.77 RCW to minimize the client’s deprivation of liberty. Finally, the presenters will walk through what happens after a court dismisses a criminal case but orders detention of the client for possible involuntary treatment. Sometimes the dismiss and detain option is not best for the client.  Presented by Pam Visco, Staff Attorney at Associated Counsel for the Accused Division, King County Department of Public Defense and Attorney Jennifer Slemp with King County Department of Public Defense.



To register for this program, email with “ITA” in the subject line. 1.0 Law and Legal Credits have been requested from the WSBA for this CLE.