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Washington Innocence Project Event: Power of the Prosecutor
Please note: this event is sponsored by Washington Innocence Project and not WDA.

Join Washington Innocence Project for a community discussion about the role and importance of prosecutors in the criminal justice system.

Washington Innocence Project (WashIP) represents innocent clients across the state of Washington and observes first-hand the impact of prosecutorial decision-making on the just resolution of these cases. With several open county prosecutor races on the ballot this November, WashIP hopes to create a space for and encourage community-led discussions about the importance of this elected office and the role of prosecutorial decision-making in achieving true justice.

WashIP is working with several other community organizations that are equally vested in the impact of the prosecutor in their communities. Some of these organizations include: The Federal Way Black Collective (https://www.fwblackcollective.com/), Civil Survival Project (https://civilsurvival.org/), Witness to Innocence (https://www.witnesstoinnocence.org/), Choose 180 (https://choose180.org/), The If Project (https://www.theifproject.org/), & The ACLU of Washington (https://www.aclu-wa.org/).

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