Webinar: Mobile Devi...

Webinar: Mobile Device Records Analysis and Mapping in Your Criminal Case
Mobile device location data – what is it? How can it help our clients, and how can we challenge it when the state brings it in? This training will be a “fun” introduction to a not-so-fun kind of evidence that often comes up in criminal cases.

Brian Selfon, an experienced criminal defense investigator, will begin the training with a discussion of how location information can be pulled from different kinds of mobile device records, including subscriber information, call detail records, pen register/trap & trace, wiretaps and other live intercepts, and cell phone account “dumps.” Brian will cover sources of true location data, including GPS records from apps, cell tower coordinates, phone carriers’ quality control records, and metadata. Jim Koenig, an experienced criminal defense attorney, will discuss potential legal issues and challenges to this type of evidence, and legal strategies to consider when this evidence is coming in at trial. In this training, the presenters will use a mock case to show how location data can apply to criminal defense work.  Attendees will learn about sample maps and free tools available to analyze and evaluate this type of evidence.

1.5 Law and Legal have been requested from the WSBA for this program.

To register for this webinar, email wda@defensenet.org with “Mobile Webinar” as the subject line.