Webinar: Reading Med...

Webinar: Reading Medical Records: A Primer for Attorneys
This is a 60 minute presentation that reviews several different types of medical records. Suggested audience: Criminal and civil attorneys, investigators, social workers, paralegals.

The records included in the presentation follow an attempted murder case and highlight not only what is in the records, but also what might be missing. The purpose of the presentation is to assist attorneys in focusing their review of medical records, and to be able to locate records that contain the information that both civil and criminal attorneys are commonly seeking.

Presented by Tara Godoy, BSN RN CFN LNC

Tara is a Certified Forensic Nurse and has been working with Criminal and Civil Attorneys since 2009. Tara’s main areas of expertise are Strangulation and Blunt Force Trauma, but testimony is also offered on other traumatic injuries or medical conditions.

To register for this webinar, email wda@defensenet.org with “Medical Webinar” as the subject line.