Webinar: Representin...

Webinar: Representing Protesters in Criminal Cases
In this CLE, Neil Fox and Jennifer Kaplan, two experienced criminal defense attorneys, will provide training to defenders who will be representing clients arrested during a protest. Presenters will discuss how these cases may differ from other criminal cases, and will cover important issues and considerations when representing these clients, including the role of the defense attorney when organizations are involved, effective and ethical communication to discern the client’s motivations and goals of the litigation, and possible strategies to achieve the goal. The CLE content will cover common charges and defenses, strategies for gathering useful information through defense investigation and discovery process, experts to consider, negotiations, motions practice, creative use of jury instructions, and more.

1.5 Law and Legal credits have been requested from the WSBA for this program.

To register for this webinar, email wda@defensenet.org with “Protestors Webinar” as the subject line.