Webinar: Writs on Be...

Webinar: Writs on Behalf of Jailed Clients
This webinar is intended for defenders who are interested in bringing writs on behalf of their jailed clients but who have not yet done so. Neil Fox and Rachel Ryon will give an overview of several types of writs, and discuss practical and ethical considerations that can arise when advising a client about whether to file a writ, or to use some other vehicle (such as via a personal restraint petition or motion for discretionary review) to seek relief.  Finally, Neil and Rachel will take some of the mystery out of the logistics of filing a writ, including getting a waiver of the filing fee. Writs can be a powerful tool to advocate for clients in jail, and this webinar will acquaint defenders more fully with that tool.

1 Law and Legal credit has been requested from the WSBA for this program

To register for this webinar, send an email to wda@defensenet.org with “Writs Webinar” as the subject line.