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International Families Justice Coalition Seeks Executive Director
March 18, 2024 | Erin Stewart

The International Families Justice Coalition (IFJC), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established in 2017 with a commitment to assisting low-income immigrants navigating family law proceedings in the State of Washington. From its inception, IFJC has been dedicated to support primarily immigrants facing domestic abuse and violence in their family law matters. We are hiring an Executive Director!

Salary: $85,000 – $100,000 annually based on experience for the first year.


· Develop and implement strategic plans to meet the IFJC’s goals and objectives

· Recruit pro bono and low bono attorneys, develop, and maintain a list of attorneys who are linguistically and culturally competent to take on family law matters

· Manage the creation, development, maintenance of potential clients’ database, and perform all preliminary intake meetings

· Prepare and provide training to lawyers and judges on the specific family law and related issues effecting immigrant families

· Reach out to potential donors and proactively address challenges unique to immigrant families

· Prepare and submit grant proposals

· Networking: attend seminars, engage in speaking opportunities to inform donors and the public of IFJC’s activities, mission statements, goals

· Ensure commitment to and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

· Take inquiries or opinions from the public

· Maintain accurate bookkeeping of all IFJC related expenses and donations

· Report to and communicate with the Department of Commerce of Washington State in response to various requirements from them and attend meetings as required

· Administrative tasks such as: Schedule meetings for the Board of Directors, manage schedules for pro bono or low bono attorneys, prepare minutes and resolution for various meetings, manage and maintain the IFJC website, order supplies, and other services as necessary to keep IFJC running smoothly

· Draft pleadings and appear in court as necessary for our clients

· Flexibility to additional tasks required to meet IFJC’s goals

· A genuine passion for the work we do


· Candidates must be licensed to practice in Washington State, preferably with 2 years of experience in family law

· Experience as an ED or managerial work, highly preferable

· Technology savvy

IFJC provides assistance to indigent immigrant families in need of domestic relations/family law legal services. The need for these services has been on the rise as Washington State has become a hub of international commerce and international workers. The increase in the immigrant population and immigrants married to U.S. citizens or permanent residents has increased the volume of international families who are subject to Washington domestic relations laws, but have little to no understanding of the process or their rights under the law.

Additionally, language and cultural barriers exacerbate the isolation of non-native family members to protect themselves and their rights under the law. The economic disparities of the parties in divorce can also be exacerbated by these barriers. Many of the clients who would qualify for services or referral from IFJC lack basic knowledge about what they are entitled to at law, or their own obligations under law. This often places the disadvantaged, immigrant spouses in an untenable position of relying on misinformation from others, and economic manipulation by the other spouse. If you are interested, please contact the office at