Member Survey re COV...

Member Survey re COVID Jail Releases (Sentenced People)

About the Survey:

WDA has provided several legal resources to assist already-sentenced people in county and city jails seeking release from the jails due to their personal risk of COVID-19 from SARS COV-2 infection. In order to better inform our advocacy with state and other officials on these issues, we are hoping to gather some data about efforts to gain release for those serving sentences in city and county jails.

To do this collaborative policy work well, we are seeking your input. It would be extremely valuable to WDA if you could take a few moments to fill out this survey. As always, we are honored to serve you, and as always we are inspired by your tireless advocacy.

WDA Legal Team,


D’Adre Cunningham (Jail & Prisons Release Co-Lead), WDA IPP Resource Attorney

Ali Hohman (Jail & Prisons Release Co-Lead), Director of Legal Services

Annie Benson, Sr. Directing Attorney Sara Sluszka, WDAIP Attorney
Magda Baker, Misdemeanor Resource Attorney Jonathan Moore, WDAIP Resource Specialist
Cindy Arends-Elsberry, Felony Resource Attorney