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Washington Defender Association offers Felony and Misdemeanor practice area email discussion groups where participants may post questions, practice updates, upcoming events and other notices. The Misdemeanor and Felony groups can be subscribed to by anybody practicing in public defense who is not associated with criminal prosecution.

The Misdemeanor & Felony listservs are moderated by WDA’s technical assistance attorneys and are also a source for practice advisories and case law updates generated by the technical assistance attorneys.

Please view the Listserv Policy page for more information on the use of the listservs. To apply to join the listserv(s) please fill out the form below. As a reminder, you must be practicing public defense in some degree to join the lists and you must initial this form to agree with our terms.

Non-WDA Member Listserv Sign Up

  • By initialing this form, I certify that I do not work in a judicial function (other than pro tem) or role adversarial to defense practitioners. I agree to never share listserv correspondence in any way with any person not currently subscribed to the list. I will immediately remove myself from the list if my circumstances change and present a conflict of interest in list participation. I certify I have read and agree to WDA’s general listserv policy. I certify that I will only be a member of the WDA felony or misdemeanor listserv during the time period that I am doing public defense work and use the listserv for assistance only on public defense cases. I will remove myself when I do not have an active case or cases.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.