Re-entry Planning Re...

Re-entry Planning Resources for Incarcerated Individuals

COVID19 Statewide Resources– This document could be printed out and provided to anybody upon discharge from the detention or correctional facility.

Resource Changes due to COVID19 There are multiple tabs at the bottom of the Workbook. Please note Statewide resources on the first tab and then county-region specific resources on subsequent worksheets.

Coordinated Entry Providers ListGreat resources for housing,

RSAT-COVID19-Reentry– Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Technical Assistance Document that reviews best practices for preparing individuals for reentry from Jails and Prisons during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Community Based Staff Contact List Typically available in person, these individuals are dedicated to individual counties and can help assist enrolling individuals onto Medicaid, both while they are in-custody, and when they are released.

19-003 Printable brochure regarding Apple Health