Impeachment Material: NJ “Street Cop Training” Likely Unconstitutional-WA Cops Attended

Per Appendix B of the NJ Training Report, Washington Police Officers are among many states that have attended this “Street Cop Training” in 2021 in Atlantic City where officers were trained on “questionable policing tactics” with offensive and discriminatory content. Approximately 990 police officers attended that specific training event, but that was not the only event held since the training program began. The Office of the State Comptroller conducted an investigation into the Street Cop Training Program after receiving information that the public funds were spent to send New Jersey police officers to the 6 day conference in October 2021.

Because this training was paid for with public funds and was for the job, it is public record information and is discoverable and/or you can get it with a public records request as to which officers in your jurisdiction attended. This is Brady like impeachment information. There is also an article you can read at the link below: