Sheri’s Sidebar 5/5/2023 – Edition # 5

Sheri’s Sidebar 5/5/2023 – Edition #5

1) The higher courts conflict on “Old Chief Rules”

2) P30 and Human Amylase Resources and Info

3) PBT Refusal Inadmissible to show or infer guilt

4) Evidence may be admissible under some evidence rules even if ruled inadmissible on other evidence rules; exception is that all evidence must be relevant.

4b) The Rape Shield statute only limits admissibility at trial, not discovery or motions about rape shield evidence.

5) Limits on police testimony about demeanor

6) Police cannot refuse a Public Records Request due to “pending investigation” once the case has been given to the prosecutor

7) There are limited circumstances under which a person may invoke the right to counsel if they are not in a custodial interview/interrogation

8) Did you know people judge your height based on video interactions such as Teams and Zoom