Sheri’s Sidebar 9/22/2023 Edition #15

Sheri’s Sidebar Edition #15

1. When an issue is substantive and there is conflict between a statute and a court rule, the statute governs. When the issues is procedural, the court rule governs.

2. An officer without PC or legal right to be on a person’s property “may still be engaged in official duties” and protected by law.

3. A person does not have to have the knowledge that a person is a police officer or that the police officer is engaged in official duties to be convicted of an assault 3 rather than assault 4.

4. Cheating is a crime in Washington and other possible negotiation charges.

5.  State OPD links to helpful resources for right to counsel, systemic violation and attorney shortage motions.

6. Cross exam tips.

7. Be careful of 2015 case not marked abrogated by later amended statute on whether trial court has authority to keep a client in custody for a bed date on a residential dosa or not.