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Team Child Seeks for Multiple Positions
June 10, 2024 | Erin Stewart

TeamChild is a nationally recognized nonprofit legal aid organization serving youth across Washington State, with office locations in Seattle, Tacoma, Yakima and Spokane. TeamChild’s mission is to uphold the rights of youth involved, or at risk of involvement, in the juvenile legal system to help them secure the education, healthcare, housing and other support they need to achieve positive outcomes in their lives. We have three mutually reinforcing program strategies: legal services, policy advocacy, and training and community education. Core to all of our work is our legal services program, which reaches youth 12-24 years old in four of Washington’s largest counties as well as youth incarcerated in our state’s juvenile prisons. Our clients are youth and young adults who are entangled in juvenile court and the child welfare system and need civil legal advocacy to prevent homelessness, access education and employment, and get their basic health and other needs met. In our work, we also aim to move systems away from exclusion, punishment, arrest, and incarceration towards more effective and community-based strategies that address root causes and provide culturally meaningful and developmentally appropriate support and opportunities for young people.

At TeamChild, we believe that racial and other social identities should be respected and affirmed. In support of this belief, we are trying to build an equitable and inclusive organization and providing our team of staff, volunteers, and Board members with the tools to address institutionalized racism and other forms of oppression. All members of our team are responsible for providing and supporting an equitable and inclusive work environment that will enrich our interactions with each other and our advocacy. This responsibility provides the foundation for empowering the children and families that we serve so their needs are justly represented, and their desires amply fulfilled.

For full job descriptions of the following openings, please visit:

Senior Housing Authority

Pierce County Staff Attorney

Managing Attorney – Statewide Team

Managing Attorney – Community Team