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Thurston County Seeks Defense Attorney I
March 1, 2024 | Erin Stewart

Thurston County Public Defense is currently recruiting for one (1) Defense Attorney I. A Defense Attorney practices with moderate to minimal supervision from a higher-level defense attorney. Immediate placement for this position will be in the District Court Unit consistent with the summary of duties outlined below:

Responsibilities for the District Court Unit may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Manages a full caseload representing and assisting indigent clients facing charges or charged with simple possession or public use offenses under RCW 69.50.4011(1)(b) or (c), RCW 69.50.4013, RCW 69.50.4014, or RCW 69.41.030(1), or under local ordinances involving allegations consistent with 2E2SSB 5536 (Download PDF reader).
  • Reviews reports, interviews appropriate parties, works with the court and Prosecutor to resolve cases. Appropriately utilizes internal and external professional services.
  • Performs a variety of legal office work, prepares appropriate legal pleadings, does necessary research, maintains required statistical information.
  • Prepares cases for trial, pre-trial and post-trial hearings and/or please bargains the cases with the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney.
  • Assists other attorneys in matters of trial strategy, tactics and legal research and analysis.
  • Is knowledgeable of District Court rules and procedures.
  • Handles miscellaneous calendar duties such as arraignment calendars, initial appearance calendars and interpreter calendars.

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