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Washington State Minority and Justice Commission Seeks Court Program Specialist
April 15, 2024 | Erin Stewart

Closing Date: April 22nd, 2024

MJC is the judicial branch leader in addressing issues of racial bias, and its work is critical to unwinding the impacts of systemic racism in our state courts. As the courts and legislature have increased their focus on racial justice in recent years, the MJC’s work has expanded. This position will join MJC’s senior staff person in helping the MJC maintain and grow its portfolio of initiatives and more comprehensively address the impacts of racial bias in Washington’s legal system.  This position plans and coordinates MJC projects and programs, staffs committees, and supports implementation of legislation. MJC co-chairs and senior staff provide direction. An understanding of and interest in improving racial equity and access to justice in the court system is important for this position.

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